Should The Minimum Wage Increase? Essay

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Voting yes for initiative 1433 will increase the minimum wage statewide to $13.50 within 4 years. The minimum wage will increase about .50¢ a year starting from $11 in the year 2017 going up to $13.50 in 2020. A minimum wage is the lowest amount of money your employer is allowed to pay their employees; currently, Washington’s minimum wage is $9.47. When it comes to the topic of the minimum wage increase, Seattle is commonly mentioned because they recently increased their wage to $15. Most of us can agree that it has caused a lot of benefits for the city of Seattle. Whereas some are convinced that the increase was a terrible idea and, many residents will lose their jobs/houses due to the increase in pay, business will shut down and the economy will fall apart. I believe their information is incorrect and initiative 1433 will be positive for Washington’s economy. In this paper, I will prove that Seattle delivered phenomenal results and i-1433 is a good idea if a city can do this, a state can too.
A higher minimum wage is important because it reduces poverty since we will have more people working. Minimum wage reduces welfare since some people will be able to work and pay for whatever the government was supplying them of. A wage sets an equal pay for starting workers. A lot of people work at a minimum for instance people who opted out of school or people who could not afford higher education, teens who are paying for their own belongings as in books, rent, food, clothes, and
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