Should The Nation Act Stricter Gun Control?

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Gun Control Gun Control has been a highly controversial issue in the United States for the past several decades. From assassinations to mass shootings, every time guns and violence come together the issue resurfaces. Should the nation act on stricter gun laws and legislation? Would new gun laws help or hinder the gun crime rate in the United States? The nation stands divided on the issue; both sides taking a firm stance as to what they believe should be done legislatively with guns. Gun control advocates state that the number ofand different types of guns in the hands of the American public is simply too great. There are an estimated two hundred and forty million guns in circulation across our nation made up of three hundred million citizens. Gun control advocates reason that more guns lead to more gun crime. They site the extremely tight gun laws in countries such as the United Kingdom and Japan and compare the gun number to gun violence ratio. The ratio in those countries is nearly one hundred times lower than that of the United States with .04 gun related deaths per one hundred thousand people compared to the United State’s 3.42 gun related deaths per one hundred thousand people. Furthermore, out of the fourteen deadliest mass shootings in the world, half of them have been committed in the United States. Even though there was a decline in gun related crimes during the 90’s, they have been on the rise since 2005. Currently, the United States ranks twelfth out of one…
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