Should The Nurse Be Punished For This Catastrophe? Adverse Events?

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Within a hospital room, a wretched, irritable patient receives medication to relieve their pain. However, instead of relieving the pain, the medication causes a painful reaction within the patient. Although the nurse proceeds to give the patient the accurate medication to treat the issue, not every patient’s body is the same. Therefore, in this situation, should the nurse have read more into the medication and the patient’s circumstances? How could this adverse event have been avoided? Should the nurse be punished for this calamity? Adverse Events in Nursing, written by Andersson, Willman, and Hansebo, is an academic journal focused on research done on adverse events, similar to the one above, in nursing. Due to these types of adverse situations, the article focuses on the safety of patients and how it has become a critical part in nursing.
Adverse events reported in Sweden are discussed by Andersonn, Willman, and Hansebo within the academic journal. The authors’ aim is to give an insight on undesirable events that happen to patients and relatives. First, it is crucial to understand what an adverse or undesirable event means. Just as the name portrays, this is an unpleasant event that occurs due to mistreatment of a patient. Ammouri, Jeffrey, Pazokian, Tran & Johnson, authors of articles in The International Nursing Review and Journal of Quality and Patient Safety, observed that “adverse events occur in nursing care as a consequence of inadequate monitoring, unobserved

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