Should The Opinions Of Others Affect Our Decisions

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Independent, strong, fiery, rebellious, these are all words we choose to associate with a certain situation. For some that situation is self-expression, for others it’s standing up for your beliefs, and in some situations standing resilient to the judgement of others. We like to create a fantasy in our own heads that the opinions of others are always bad or to tear you down, what a lot of us don’t realize is that we take judgement every day and in most cases it’s constructive. People may ask “should the opinions of others affect our decisions?” well yes in most cases. When a supervisor or boss gives you constructive criticism it’s to help you improve yourself, your presentation, or your product. Whether it’s your job to give a thought or…show more content…
Then we post it for billions of people to judge it but we fear their opinions, we crave a good response, we want acceptance. We have picked our own poison, we kill our self-confidence by criticizing and changing ourselves but we love the high of when we get a good reaction or a “beautiful” comment on it. A low number of likes turns into a death sentence. We pride ourselves on our sense of humor, our appearance, and our ability to seem like we aren’t trying, like that’s how we naturally are. Though it’s unfortunate we couldn’t stop it if we wanted to. The same thing happens when we’re not behind a screen, we hang out with a certain clique that we like because we think we can fit in. However, not all the judgement on social media is bad, you can put ideas out there, fun stories, anything you want and get constructive criticism to make you a better person. Bullying is a special and relatively rare form of opinion that comes from the weak therefore the truly strong know how to deflect the worded bullets. This is exactly why we shouldn’t stereotype judgement and opinions the same way we stereotype people.
We as a social species tend to structure our society on our relationships with others of our kind, we ask each other for opinions, and post ourselves online for the world to see. Yet we ask for no judgement? Our subconscious is thirsting for good reviews and acceptance from our peers, it’s etched into our primal nature. The same happens in a group of any social animal,

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