Should The Right And Bear Arms Be Controlled? Essay

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Americans love of guns was established from the Second Amendment of the Constitution, they are granted an inalienable right, which is the right to keep and bear arms. Many believe that gun represents the heart of the nation’s foundation and identity, a symbol of freedom. However, there are ongoing controversial gun issues. Should the right to bear arms be controlled? What is the extent it should go? Is gun control not infringing the right to bear arms? Few public policy debates are products of misinformation and by emotions such as the one on gun control. Some gun control advocates believe that the American people are clumsy and ill-tempered and should not be trusted with weapons. Other people believe that owning a gun, is also, owning a peace of mind. To others, gun possession is necessary to protect oneself from criminals. Owning guns could be a basic need for other people like hunters. They use guns to providing food for the family or to protect their livestock. For sports people, the guns would mean fun time spent during leisure hours. The proposals for more gun restrictions or for bans on some guns or all guns could call for a significant change in the constitutional system and could result to violation of fundamental rights of the American people. When guns will be outlawed, people who are law abiding can be vulnerable to violations by people who have no regards for the consequences of their action. How can people be protected from these violations? Some Americans

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