Should The Smokers Be Quit Smoking?

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Today 17.8% of Americans are smokers either currently quitting, struggling to quit, or do not want to quit smoking at all. There are many health warning messages on the packs, but we wonder, why do people still take the risk to smoke? A new solution to this problem that is being advertised, and is becoming popular amongst people is a product called Blu. Blu is known as an electronic cigarette that contains no tobacco, getting rid of the bad part to real cigarettes, however the product still contains nicotine which is the addictive part to cigarettes. This product is intended for smokers ages 18 and up to give them a better option to continue smoking without the horrible smell that comes out of the “death sticks”. What this advertisement is trying to accomplish is that they want current smokers to make the switch to Blu without actually quitting permanently. However after learning more about this product I believe that is not the only reason to switch to Blu because since this product contains lesser ingredients than a real cigarette, it’s a lot healthier option for smokers even smokers who are trying to quit, and I believe Blu is another solution on how to cut down. While looking at a billboard, magazine article, or the internet containing this advertisement the first part that a person’s eyes will be drawn to is the logo “Why Quit? Switch to Blu.”The heading of an advertisement is meant to get your audience to think about what the advertisement is about. After reading the

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