Should The Texas Criminal Justice System Be Legal?

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Texas has always been known to have a strict criminal justice system. The justice system in Texas used to hang criminals for serious crimes they were convicted of doing. Texas has never been faced with the question we face them with today. Should the Texas criminal justice system be able to charge juveniles as adults in trials when faced with serious charges? Prosecutors are using both sides of this argument to their advantage. In Texas, the Juvenile Law states that, “a juvenile is defined as a person who is not old enough to be held responsible for criminal acts.” In order for a juvenile to be tried as an adult, a prosecutor can use one of many ways to go about this. One way prosecutors can proceed, in trying the juvenile as an adult, is by exercising the 2011 Senate Bill 1209. This bill gives counties in Texas the option to hold certified youth in juvenile facilities while they await trial. However, the law does not state specifically that they have to be detained in a juvenile facility. The juveniles can also be detained in an adult facility. Another way prosecutors are trying juveniles as adults is by not allowing the rehabilitation programs to run their course when the juvenile turns 19 years of age. The argument has also been made that juveniles in prison for nonviolent offenses are much different in the adult prison system. A prosecutor may exercise their right to try a juvenile as an adult in the case of there being multiple people being murdered, the murder of a
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