Should The United States Accept The 10, 000 Syrian Refugees?

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After facing the unfortunate and tragic terrorist attacks in Paris. The main question is, should the United States take and accept the 10,000 Syrian refugees? I highly believe that we should accept the 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States. President Obama has urged the U.S to welcome these refugees, I think that letting the refugees come into the state will not decrease the safety of the U.S and will definitely not bring us in possible danger. This is a question of human rights, I believe all humans deserve the right to live without the constant threat of death. This should not be an issue and we should accept all people with open arms. The decision to eliminate the acceptance of the refugees is very controversial, and if the U.S was to accept the migrants I think they should be taken to a certain…show more content…
I believe that all states have the right to let the refugees in because even though many of the southern states such as, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, and many others have refused to let them in. If some states do not want the refugees to come, they should find a way so that their arrival will be safe for our country and not affect them. The ignorant Donald Trump has recently discussed this issue in the news and has considered this idea as “insane”. This idea of his is atrocious and I think we should accept not only 10,000 refugees but much more than that. This issue has also been frequently talked about in the general community. Out of all the people I have asked about this serious issue, they all wanted the U.S to accept the Syrian refugees. I have my full agreement with their views on this topic and I truly wish the U.S will accept these indigent Syrian refugees affected from the Paris
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