Should The United States Allowed The Death Penalty?

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With all the jails in the United States being overcrowded with convicts with serious crimes, and doing life without parole. I start to wonder what the impact would be if the United States allowed the death penalty to be used in all fifty states? First, I needed to view into other countries and examine why they still allow to have capital punishment in their country. Out of 196 countries in the world only 58 of those countries still embrace capital punishment. China is at the top of the list that carries out the highest executions each year than all other country. With an overpopulated country I can recognize why they carry out the highest executions than all other country in the world. One of the reasons that China allows capital punishment is to crack down on crimes. With an over populated country they are sure to have a high crime rates due to not having enough jobs, and people starving. China’s jails were getting overpopulated with the poor conditions and shortage of food for inmates. In order to free up space in jail’s China conducts capital punishment on those inmates that have carried out a serious or heinous crime. China carries out the death sentence in two ways first being by lethal injection and the second is carried out by a firing squad. Those that conduct serious crimes preserve the right to a trial and a lawyer, however if convicted of a serious crime such as murder a person will be sentenced to capital punishment. The majority of China’s people supports
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