Should The United States End The War On Drugs

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Illegal drugs are inevitable and are not going anywhere no matter how hard the United States fights. Reforming the United States War on Drugs would strategically bring money into the states and deplete the bank accounts of the drug lords. The United States abandon the prohibition on drugs and allow the government to control the shipment, production and distribution of drugs recommends The Latin American Caribbean. (Francis, J. N., & Mauser, G. A., 2011) If the United States Federal Government controlled the market place and brought in massive amounts of sources for taxes brining in a vast amount of money. By utilizing this strategy and approach the United States Federal Government would have a start to ending the war on drugs.
Illegal drugs
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The war on drugs was started by President Nixon back in the 1970’s is still ongoing this day. The drug war the United States is fighting is against the The Zetas, Sinaloa Cartel, Juarez Cartel and many others. The drug war is primarily focused on the people and not the actual drug itself. The drug war will never end at the rate it is currently going because the ones that are being targeted are the poor and not the main money makers. (White, 2007)This war on drugs is very involved and does not only focus on the drug lords but focuses on the supporters. It also focuses on the users and the American prison system to include corrupt law enforcement and correctional facility employees and money.
The cartel is what comes to mind when a remark is made or a comment is made about the war on drugs. South Texas is used to reading and hearing about cartel members being arrested at checkpoints with loads of illegal substances. I do not argue that the war on drugs is against these drugs, human trafficking money laundering smugglers. The war on drugs has many parts and the cartel is just part of the many that make it a
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The businessman drug lord will purchase a house in the upper-class communities to blend in and portray to be a normal family guy. This is only the beginning of the operations to select and target their cliental. According to the article “Impossible Criminals: The Suburban Imperatives of America’s War on Drugs” the community of Plano was one of the suburb cities near Dallas to be named one of the safest smaller cities in America. The city of Plano experienced a sweep of “heroin” with the victims being the “clean-cut teenagers” (Lassiter, 2015). The Anglo teenage victims were well known in the community and they were described to come from successful families who set examples of success for their children. The community of Plano thought, as other communities across the nation think, that the drug infestation could never happen in their
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