Should The United States Legalize Euthanasia Morally Wrong?

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Euthanasia is defined as a gentle and easy death. This term is used for people who want to end their own lives peacefully. There are two types of euthanasia. Active euthanasia occurs when a physician kills the patient by means of drugs. The other type is passive euthanasia. This process occurs when a physician holds water, food, and drugs from the patient. The argument whether humans should help other human beings die due to sickness, old age, disabilities, and even the lack of motivation to live has been an issue since ancient times. Although, this topic has made headlines in recent years (Pickert). Countries have begun to make it legal, and some states such as Oregon have made it legal to have the “right to die” since 1997 (“State-by-state Guide to Physician Assisted Suicide”). Should euthanasia be legal in the United States as a federal law? Euthanasia is ethically and morally wrong because humans would be playing the role of God, physicians would disown the Hippocratic oath, it is against most religions, and it would lead down a slippery slope to where euthanasia becomes a cheap “treatment” for the sick. People who are pro-euthanasia have valid arguments, but still break moral law and ethics. One may argue that a person…show more content…
If euthanasia was legal, the government could eventually one day decide who is worth living and who is not. Also, if euthanasia became a legal at the federal level, eventually the care for the disabled, elderly, and sick will deteriorate due to the knowledge that they have the option to be killed. Euthanasia may become a cheap “treatment” for the sick. For example, the cost of poison for euthanasia patients is about fifty dollars. If a terminally ill cancer, they will most likely have to take chemo. Chemotherapy cost thousands of dollars, the family may not be willing to pay this much and instead choose to kill the
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