Should The United States Let The World Take Care Of Itself?

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Should the United States let the world take care of itself? There is much debate over American foreign policy as to whether or not the United States should return to the isolationism of pre 1940s. Many believe the United States intervenes too often and in turn other nations have issues with us. The United States started out as isolationists when the country was first born, but has slowly moved to become the world 's police and interventionism has taken over. Should we be the world 's police and how would we justify it? How is it that the United States moved away from isolationism? To understand the move from isolationism to interventionism we must take a look at the events that led up to the current American foreign policy. Since the start of our nation political leaders sought neutrality and avoidance from participating in foreign affairs. George Washington expressed the importance of isolationism the most. He called for a policy that would “steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” (O 'Connor, Sabato, and Yanus 605). The idea was to not get involved with any nation, and at the time was probably a good idea considering the United States was still recovering from the Revolutionary War. The United States wanted a foreign policy that was based on neutrality and isolationism. Unfortunately this was not always possible due to the actions of other foreign nations. In the 1790s the United States entered an undeclared naval war with France
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