Should The United States Make English The National Language?

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Although the founding fathers decided to leave the idea of establishing a national language out of the Constitution, there have been several movements to establish English as the national language since then. Even though none of these movements could garnish enough support to make this into a reality, they have been influential in that English is the official language in 31 states. In recent years, five additional states have considered legislation that would mandate English as well (Schwarz 2014). Since many individual states have sided on the issue, it poses the question of if the national government should follow the trend as well. A strong argument can be made that the United States should make English as the official language because it would promote unity and patriotism among Americans, be economically beneficial for the nation while rightfully placing the responsibility to learn English on the non-English speaking immigrants. English should be enforced as the national language of America as it would promote unity among all citizens. Language can act as a form of disunity because many non-English speaking immigrants feel isolated in the United States as it is challenging for them to effectively communicate with others. These citizens struggle to complete even the simplest task that requires some form of communication…show more content…
Although the Constitution does not legislate that English is the national language of the United States, “it has always been taken for granted that English is the national language” (King 317). After all, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the national anthem, the Emancipation Proclamation and many other historically significant American documents all were written in English. In order for one to truly understand what it means to be an American, they must be able to read and comprehend these documents in the language that they were originally written
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