Should The Us Stop Using The Death Penalty?

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Should the US stop using the death penalty? Capital punishment is a legal authorization to kill someone for a crime they have committed. The death penalty has been the highest form of criminal punishment in the American judicial system since the 13 colonies. It has taken the form of hanging, stoning, drowning, burning, beheading, gassing, electrocution, and injection. The taking of a man 's life as penance for criminal behavior is wrong. The moral injustice of murder, the cruelty of execution, and the death of innocent men are all concerns that make the death penalty wrong. Our society has taught children that violence is not the answer and yet our highest form of punishment is executing someone which does not solve anything, nor does it fix a problem. The United States should abolish the death penalty due to execution of innocent people, excessive cost and it is against the US constitution. The US capital punishment system is unreliable. Many innocent people have been wrongfully convicted and have been executed. In this particular case, Ray Krones was proven innocent at last minute. Krones gave a testimony about how the criminal justice department wrongfully convicted him then at the end they showed proof that he was truly innocent. At first a police officer questioned him if he had killed the maid of a bar where he plays darts at and Krones responded that he didn’t. Later on in the investigation, the medical department found evidence that the mark on the maids’ body

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