Should The Us Use A Zero Personal Income Tax?

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This paper intends to address the question - “should the US converts to a zero personal income tax?” - by doing a comparative analysis between the United States of America (US) and a zero tax country somewhere in the world. Based on the research conducted, it was discovered that there are ten countries that operates a zero personal income tax system. Of these ten countries, Qatar (a country located in the Middle East) was chosen randomly for this analysis. It should be noted that the economies of these two countries are vastly different in terms of gross domestic products (GDP), revenue and spending. However, the focus of the paper is on Qatar’s strategies in operating its economy in the absence of personal income tax. And decipher whether the US can garner any useful data that will be instrumental in transforming its tax system, with the goal of abolishing personal income tax.
This oil rich country is vibrant and economically strong. According to Roy Sudip of Euromoney, Qatar has the world’s third biggest gas reserves, equivalent to more than 300 years-worth of stock at both current and forecast production rates, as well as significant oil reserves (https: Furthermore, its GDP is $212 billion and GDP per capita ranked 5th in the world. Qatar has one of the highest standard of living and economic productivity. Its annual growth rate has averaged just over 19 percent in 2006 – 11, driven by the country’s growing liquefied natural gas

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