Should The Usage Of Non Renewable Source Of Energy Decrease?

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Suraj Shah Atkins Gordeeva College Writing 1310 26 July 2016 Should the Usage of Non-Renewable Source of Energy Decrease? Energy is defined as the ability to do work that can neither be created nor be destroyed, can only be transfer from one form of energy to other. There are many kind of energy such as mechanical energy, potential energy etc. In our daily life we need different types of energy resource in each and every time to do our work such as we need electricity to run our electrical devices, gasoline to drive our vehicle and so on. Energy are produced from different source i.e. renewable source of energy and non- renewable source of energy. Renewable source of energy refers to inexhaustible source of energy such as solar energy, hydropower, wind energy. Whereas non-renewable source of energy refers to source of energy that can get exhausted completely such as fossils fuels and nuclear power. Once the non-renewable source of energy completely finished then it cannot be obtained again. So, the use of non-renewable source of energy i.e. fossil fuels must be decrease by knowing its effect. The population has increased very quick since last decades so the demand of fuel for the livelihood. But the source of fossil fuels is limited as it was formed many years ago i.e. many millions years ago by the deposits of fossils under the earth. According to geologists research the earliest known fossil fuels are deposited from Cambrian period about five hundred millions years ago.
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