Should The Vending Machines Be Purchased For An External Company Meeting The Requirements For Products?

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The vending machines are going to be purchased for an external company meeting the requirements for products that are going to be offered depending on the geographic areas. The machines are going to be divided in two sections: both with regulated temperature, but one colder than the other to ensure some products durability. There is going to be also a special door with an electronic tool providing eggs, which will secure the fragility of the product.
The company will also consider to employing a vending maintenance person that will be a student worker who will have the responsibility of periodical visits to the machines; maybe once or twice per week to check the inventory and to determine the good functioning of the different mechanisms and electronic components. However, we also are going to have technology that is going to allow us to control inventory and sales.
8.3. Permits
As a vending machine company, the business must be certified. Since Smart Vending is going to be selling food, there are going to be permits to complete, like in any business, vending routes are subject to state and local laws to obtain proper permits and licenses required by their local ordinances. It is also important to understand these regulations because those can change depending on the product that is being offered and also the state that we are competing in.
8.3.1. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
The vending machines as a commercial entity with public accommodation will count with…
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