Should The Voting Age Be Changed From 18 To 21

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The long debate over lowering the voting age in America from 18 to 21 always been a big issue. It began during World War II and became greater intensified during the Vietnam War. That’s when young men denied the right to vote, and they have to fight for their country. There is a big debate about what age you should be able to vote. It’s been a long going issue that nobody has really came up to a conclusion with. I personally think that the voting age should be changed from 18 to 21 because 18 year old are not mature enough, at that age they do not know what and who to vote for, and they have no real world experience. People who are 18 do not have a certain maturity level to vote. 18 year olds may just vote because other people are voting. They may not vote for someone who thy think will run our country in the right way. People who are 21 and older can do more than what 18 year olds can do. People who are 18 and over are more likely to be sure of who, and why they will vote for the ones they think are responsible for the duties assigned to the certain person. People who are 21 and older have more real life experiences. People who are 18 cannot drink, so they should not have that responsibility to be able to vote. Many 18 year olds don not know what and who to vote for. They are just getting out of…show more content…
They do not know what is going on in the real world. They need to know that the voting decisions they may make can have a huge impact on how the real world functions. They do not know what they are voting for and what may be the difference between the parties. The 18-20 year old girls/ boys may be counted as a legal but they have never had the chance to be a mature and responsible adult because most live with their parents and do not have to pay a bill whatsoever. Eighteen year old girls/boys do not even know what is going on in the politics world. They need to get more educated and do more
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