Should The Winner's Brainpower Tools Used To Become Successful

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“The Winners Brain: 8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success” by Jeff Brown, Mark Fenske, and Liz Neporent lists five tools that can be used to allow someone to be a winner. These tools that align with a Winners Brain include Tool #2: Optimal Risk Gauge. This tool covers risks that are life changing. For an individual’s Risk Gauge to be effective, they must be able to successfully recognize what risks are, determine how much rick they can tolerate, and if the individual can handle the consequences if they were to fail. Other examples of these tools include Effort Accelerator and Talent Meter. The authors also touch on Win Factors. Win Factors align with the BrainPower Tools to fully optimize them.
The article touches on eight win factors that go together with the BrainPower Tools to help a person operate as a Winner. These factors include Memory, Self-Awareness, Motivation, Focus, Emotional Balance, Adaptability, and Brain Care. Each of these factors helps someone to achieve a Winner’s Brain. These factors are all attributes that are essential in life and in becoming a successful person. BrainPower Tools also tie
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She saw an opportunity to revolutionize the nursing field and jumped at the opportunity. She faced many risks by pursuing this dream of hers from her family and even the conditions she was working in. She was motivated in her cause and throughout all the resistance she faced she stayed true to her goals and changed the nursing field completely. Fredrick Douglass is another individual who I believe fits into a Winners role. He could adapt within various locations and in the various jobs he took. He had great motivation in achieving his goal, and was focus throughout everything on achieving them. He possessed the BrainPower Tool Goal Laser. Douglass took steps and overcame issues to fully achieve his goal. Through all the ups and downs he saw he stayed true to his dream of
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