Should There Be A Reform? The Education System?

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Should there be a reform in the education system? Yes there should be, there are so many problems and complications that are wrong with the education system. For instance, not all of the teacher 's are qualified to teach. The administrators hiring educators are another problem with the education system. In some cases even the discipline at certain schools are yearning for reform moreover. Reforms and changes must be made in education, some of the rules are unfair and outdated.

Teachers are one of the major problems of the education system.They are crucial to the student 's performance and their learning process. The Department of Education has found that " teachers are the most important factor in determining student achievement."(U.S. Department of Education) This is true, since teachers are the ones that teach students the academics that they will need in the future. It 's the teacher 's responsibility to get their students ready with the material that they will need. Correspondingly teachers are clearly one of the greatest factors in the quality of education received by students.

Although there are many factors that impact a student 's education, the greatest factor is teachers. They are the ones that are educating students. "The quality of the nation 's teachers has a tremendous impact on the overall quality of education that students receive."(U.S. Department of

Education) If the teachers are of inferior quality than the education that a student receives will be of
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