Should There Be Grade Requirement For Athletics?

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Should there be grade requirement for athletics? Should athletes have to be on the honor roll in order to play? Many states and schools have many different opinions to both questions. To be on the regular honor roll, you can have grades ranging from A’s to B’s with no more than one C. If you do have a C, you must have one A. In order to be on the honor roll, your GPA must be a 3.0. A student’s GPA must be a minimum of 2.0 in the required 16 core classes.Students beginning in their second year of high school, must earn 5 credits which count during state high school graduation requirements. In the beginning of their third year, they must earn 10 credits or 5 credits during the 12 month proceeding the first day of the current school year.

Students must take the SAT or ACT and score a minimum of 400 on the SAT or 37 on the ACT. The average SAT score in 2015 is 1490, and the average score in ACT is 21. To get an academic scholarship the required score on the SAT are very low compared to the average score but the requirements are higher for the ACT test then the average score.

Some schools have made it easier to stay on teams with a low grade. School leaders are starting to see the good in making it easier for students to keep playing with poor grades. Students attending Rockford in Illinois are able to keep playing sports even with less than a C average. An assistant superintendent Matt Vosberg at Rockford said, district leaders should use sports as a way to keep
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