Should There Be Mandatory Nutrition

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Should there be Mandatory Nutrition Education in School?

Every living thing needs nutrition in order to be surviving and growing healthier. In somehow, government required every import and export food products need to have nutrition label to let the customer know the nutrition fact of product. This will helps and gives us the ideas to know what the sources are containing in the products. For as there is no mandatory nutrition school provided in small town of northeastern from Thailand, many of the families was struggle in eating disorder, underweight, hypertension, low blood pressure and abnormal body development issues. The average number of patients suffering from these common symptoms was increased rapidly every day at the town family clinic. As being part of this community, it made me unsatisfied and sympathy for those who suffering from nutrition illness issue. Unlike from this society that I now live in. I have just learned nutrition after I came to U.S. As I have learned the nutrition so far at high school, it helps me to maintain what I eat, what contained in the food product, how many calories I eat and much more. Many countries may have their purposes and reasons of providing mandatory nutrition education for students at any education level. During this semester, I would like to do the research about how the mandatory nutrition education involves and impact in students and parents’ lives in our society today and how the issues and factors are different from my
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