Should There Be Mandatory Vaccinations for Children Entering School?

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In the United States, Massachusetts became the first state to mandate vaccinations for children upon entering school in 1855. Since then each state has added or amended various requirements of the vaccination schedule. However, various exemptions exist to override vaccinations such as religious reasons, or medical reasons where a vaccination might interfere with a child's weak immune system or cause an allergic reaction. Parents may refuse to give their children particular vaccinations in some states, but it is advised that they first speak to a health care provider in order to understand the implication of their decision. The beginning of 2014 has seen an increase in the case of measles. California alone has already seen more than 40 outbreaks and this emphasizes the public health issue of vaccinations. In Ontario, children will now be required to provide proof that they are immunized against meningococcal disease, chicken pox and whopping cough. This change is in response to the measles outbreak and other vaccinations for tetanus, diphtheria, polio and mumps have also been updated to reflect the new dose necessary to ensure immunization. Most immunizations are done before a child enters kindergarten with a second or third round of vaccines being required within a few months or…
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