Should There Be The Benefits Of Being A Sports Fan?

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There you are with your friends in the living room watching the game 4th and goal, eagles have 2 minutes to tie the game and you’re on the edge of your seat wondering are you going to win the bet you made or lose money. READY…..SET….HIKE. They could not do it, and now you are in despair wishing you did not bet but are happy you spent time eating and hanging out with friends. Being a sports fan can be an amazing thing to be but it also can take a toll on your money To begin with, studies have shown that a person who identifies themselves as a sports fan are less likely to have lower rates of depression and higher self-esteem than those who do not. Sports fandom is a phenomenon that can help make our psychological need to belong in the world and provide similar benefits to the social support accomplished through religious, professional, and other affiliations. Having extra backup such as social support is highly responsible for keeping people mentally sound. For example, march madness; gives…show more content…
For example being socially connected to others, boosting self-esteem and lowering the depression rate. It also helps bring friends, family, and even co-workers together. Families become closer by creating a stronger bond. Friends can be there when you need to share emotions about the game or even personally, and last watching sports games can help co-workers work together and gain trust with each other. Being a sports fan also has its disadvantages, to begin with, during soccer season foreign countries tend to do too much and end up in the emergency room. Studies have it that the trips to the emergency room have tripled for men and doubled for women. And last gambling, predicting a game is phenomenally impossible, and that is the reason why fans like to test their chances and bet to see if they are close are nowhere near what they predicted. To wrap it up there are many disadvantages and advantages to being a sports
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