Should There be a Capital Punishment in Kazakhstan?

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Capital punishment or execution is the legal process of putting a person to death as a punishment for committed crime. The death penalty is legal in many countries as Iran, USA, China, India and Sudan. However, other countries, including Kazakhstan, find it cruel and violent. This essay indicates are there more benefits or drawbacks in using capital punishment in Kazakhstan. This research will begin by evaluating the social factors of capital punishment then it will proceed to investigate the economic factors. In the process it will be highlighted that the advantages of capital punishment predominates disadvantages. First of all, some deputies of Kazakhstan government demanded to cancel the moratorium on the death penalty because we often hear and see in the media about hard killings of rape. Therefore people want to reduce the number of cruel humans. For example, Deputy of the Majilis Vladislav Kosarev believes that capital punishment should be applied to terrorists and murderers. He also noted that the faction of the Communists against the humanization of criminal legislation (Rustam Omarov). So, some people want to people who have committed violent crimes should die and it supports by deputy of the Majilis. 1. Society is helped and supported by Capital punishment as it lowers the crime rate. Although it is evident that the death penalty may infringe on some human rights due to the inhumane methods, Saudi Arabia continues to conduct public beheadings to which
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