Should Theu.s. Be Spying On Its Friends? U.s. Government?

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Should the U.S. be spying on its friends? The U.S. government and so many of governments spy on their friends and enemies; the indignant news shocks leaders. October. 25, 2013, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany met with European leaders in Brussels express the concern about American spying. Germany was angry at the U.S. government for spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the same time, Brazil and Mexico were also concerned that the National Security Agency is overhearing about their leaders. France and Spain summoned the American ambassador to investigate the spying issue in their countries as well. After a few days, Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Hollande of France called for talks with U.S. on their intelligence relationship. And then, the situation of a lack of trust may destroy the transatlantic intelligence cooperation. Subsequently, President Obama engaged to mitigate the impasse to rebuild relations with its European allies. Personally, I do believe that the United States can predict the serious consequence of spying its friends until they realize. So, why did U.S. still take risks to do? Because it is necessary to eliminate the enemy in friends, safeguard national interest and benefit, and accomplish the common knowledge. In my view, the U.S. should be spying its friends. “It is the nature of politics that a friend today may not be a friend tomorrow” said by Maureen McTeer, the author of In My Own Name. Superficially, U.S. has a lot of friends,

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