Should Torture Be Allowed or Not

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Should Torture Be Allowed or Not The issue of torture is being very current and it arouses debate between those who are totally against it; those who think that it sometimes can be used for good; and those who are in between. The idea of torture was seen only as something that happened far away in time, and it should not even be considered as an issue of the modern society. Furthermore, torture was seen as a violation of the fundamental human rights, which were protected by different human rights conventions. But then something happened and actually influenced the general opinion about the issue of torture. Criminal attacks nowadays are not very rare. As long as we continue to be threatened from those criminal attacks, this issue will…show more content…
Every human being has its rights protected by human rights conventions, and not being tortured is one of them. As such, torture should not be allowed in any case. A violation of a fundamental human right today may lead to more human rights violations in the future, and this is something that none of us wants. We are all equal in front of the law, and no one has the right to treat somebody else less than that, no matter part of which government s/he is or who s/he represents. According to the people who are against torture, no matter if a person is responsible for what s/he is being accused for, this should not in any case be used as a justification for torture. S/he should be sent to the court and should be judged according to the international laws. Another argument against the use of torture is that torture is cruel and immoral. No matter who are we dealing with, torture is something we should not use in any case. By using torture, you’re not only doing something immoral, but it also contributes to our society losing values. Torture is something that criminals use to obtain information from hostages. By torturing people, we are using the same means that terrorist use to get information from captured hostages. Torture is terrorism itself, and we don’t want to fight terrorism with torture. By using the same means that criminals do, aren’t we in a way being exactly like them?! On the other hand, many others argue that there are some cases
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