Should Torture Be Used On Suspected Terrorists?

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Should torture be used on suspected terrorists? This question has garnered recent media attention in light of the Paris terror attacks, and has forced a variety of nations to step up and try to prevent such callous acts. Although small advances are being made to counter these blood thirsty and inhumane terrorists; it is clearly evident, that if we are to avoid catastrophe, then extremism must be stopped at the source, rather than just before the end of the line. Thus, torture should be authorized to be used on suspected terrorists; as it will drastically improve the authorities’ ability to strangle the stem of extremism, and potentially save the lives of innocent souls like you and me. As evidenced through the Parramatta shootings, which cost father of four Curtis Cheng his life, we can safely say, that terrorists do indeed pose a great risk to our national security. National security can be defined as the protection of a state, and its citizens, against both foreign and domestic crises. However the loss of Mr Cheng’s life, saw a major breach in national security, and signalled to the people of Australia, that we, are no longer as safe as we once thought we were. Furthermore, with the emergence of groups such as the Islamic state slowly infesting our communities, and brainwashing susceptible young Australians, the risk of a rouge citizen “executing” a terror attack, has never been higher. Now many may argue, that torture can not only be used as a weapon to gain information
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