Should Traditional Education Be At Fault Politically?

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We have met the enemy and he is us (Kelly, 1953)! That famous line uttered by Pogo sums up my feeling about public/ private universities, and the relationship that we have had with for-profit schools. It has been very easy for us to place the blame on the for-profit sector as causing the student debt crisis, but in this concept paper I wanted to discuss where traditional education might be at fault politically. In other words, how were we responsible for helping to create the debt monster through behavior and policy?
Students enroll in college to learn. This acquiring of knowledge is so important that most schools like Marshall University have instituted a required general education program to teach composition, communication, math, natural science, social science, humanities, fine arts, and critical thinking (GED, 2015). Yet the same universities that make the assumption that students are ignorant in general education, feel they are sophisticated enough to make major financial decisions that include assuming several thousand dollars in student debt. It is too easy for students to borrow money and colleges have embraced that fact. I used to blame the students for their financial misgivings, but higher education institutions are as much to blame as anyone. We must ask ourselves when the last time a university said, “we’re making enough money so no tuition increase this year.”
Students are marketed to relentlessly by banks telling them borrowing is the way to get
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