Should Turkey Become the Eu Member

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Should Turkey become the EU member? Modern Turkey is located in the territory of central part of former East-Roman empire which sufficiently influenced on formation of European civilization. Nowadays, there are many historical monuments reminding about Greek-Roman colonies and Christian traditions in Turkey. Since the beginning of XX century, Turkey was striving for adoption of the European model of development in all spheres of social life. All of this could be considered as essential criteria for Turkey's accession to the European Union. Nevertheless, different processes in Turkish community illustrate lack of transparency and fair attitude towards traditional, religious, and ethical minorities. Relying on these facts , I believe that…show more content…
The foreign trade sector is the major source of dynamic economic development of the country for Turkey. The basic goods of Turkish export are textiles, clothes, cars, citrus, food, spare parts, metal products, glass products, agricultural products. Also, Turkey has a developed import which contains of oil, petroleum, gas, nonferrous and ferrous metals, machinery, fertilizers, timber and lumber. According to the research of 2003, the major trading partners of Turkey are Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland. The geography of international trade shows that the level of Turkey's trade has traditionally focused on Western European market. Despite Turkey's accession to the Customs Union, the export of Turkey has not been changed significantly because of competitors countries from Eastern Europe and China. As an accession of Turkey to European Union opens the borders of both Europe and Turkey, the trade between those countries will become much beneficial. Decision about possible membership of Turkey in European Union should not be made solely on political level. It must be clearly expressed by desire of European people. The final decision should be preceded by extensive public debate of the European countries, which could reveal the willingness or reluctance of people to live in one integrated union with
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