Should Undocumented Immigrants Be Allowed To Enter The United States?

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Should undocumented immigrants be allowed to enter the United States?
Immigrants often come to the U.S. to seek for better job opportunities, they migrate to the U.S. for a better living to support their families and have a better future. Therefore, undocumented immigrants should have every right to enter the U.S.
Illegal Immigrants have faced very hard obstacles in life that no one could ever possibly imagine how bad it is. No matter what challenges they face they will never give up they will continue to strive for what they want. One of the main reasons why immigrants come to the U.S. is because they have encountered poverty and they no longer want to keep living that way so they go and seek for better opportunities in the U.S. Immigrants cross the border knowing there putting their life and family's life at risk but they'd do anything to try to achieve the American dream.”..most immigrants come to the United States to make a better living for themselves and their families”(Quinines). They come here to work hard and strive for success to support their families, everyone has the right to strive and become a better person. Families often come to the U.S. for their children, they don’t want their kids to live in a world of poverty, like they did. They know that coming here will give their children much more success in the future. Immigrants will always do anything for their children and one of those things is coming to the U.S. and try giving them a much
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