Should Uniforms Be Used in Public Schools?

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One of the touchiest subjects of public schools would be about if they should enforce school uniforms, or should they just enforce a dress code? This subject has many different views, and plenty of good pros and cons on the matter. In our personal belief, we think that schools should only enforce dress codes, and stay away from assigning specific uniforms. Obviously everyone has their own view on this, we are going to give you some insight on how dress codes could do more harm on public schools than good. Teachers, students, and parents today are faced with the question of if students should be allowed to wear uniforms or not. Many argumentative questions have aroused due this simple question. Many people believe student should wear uniforms making it better and easier on the students and parents. Whereas there are many people who would feel similar, but feeling as though students should not have to wear uniforms. Questions like these show you how touchy of a subject this is, and how many different factors come into play when dealing with uniforms. There are many agreeable reasons to wearing a uniforms presented by many teachers, parents, and students. While there are even more reasons people will argue against wearing them. One factor why schools implement uniforms is to subside gang violence inside the schools atmosphere, but why should the whole school have to be punished? According to (National Cener for Education Statistics, 2014) on average only 27% of students
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