Should Uniforms Wear School Uniforms

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For many years schools have become more about fashion rather than education. During this time teachers and principals have debated on what solution to come up with. Should Sir John A. Macdonald (SJAM) have uniforms? Some people believe that uniforms take away the right of self-expression. Others argue that uniforms keep students focused on studies rather than fashion. Wearing school uniforms should become mandatory because it ensures equality within the school, reduces expenses, and it creates discipline in the school. Uniforms maintain equality within the school. Students should not have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. When everyone is dressed the same, concerning about how you look isn't so important. A study in the U.S Department of Education shows that by wearing a school uniform student's sense of security raised 41% and over ¾ of teachers agreed that uniforms were the reason for that happened. Students feel much more secure in school since they cannot be victims of bullies for being dressed in a certain way. For example, it would be much more difficult for a bully to make fun of how students are dressed especially if they are dressed exactly the same. According to the Department of Education in the U.S students sense of belonging also increased, this is because when students are dressed like their peers it makes them feel more equitable, valuable and included. Academically this is important for students because if students are feeling unhappy and excluded they will not be interested in their studies or even coming to school. Some people might argue that uniforms do not spread equality because it takes away the right of expressing their individuality. While that may be true individuality is what distinguishes us from others, but clothing isn’t the only way to do that. You can express yourself through what you do for example sports, music, art, etc. This is beneficial to students because they won’t judge others by their looks but by their personality. As for equality, it means equal, which is a key reason to have uniforms because it allows all students to look and feel equal. In Junior high, it is hard enough to go through your peers judging you for how you look, but
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