Should Vaccination Be Given to Children

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Should a child be vaccinated? Should a child be vaccinated? Paul Kim Period 8 There is nothing worse than seeing an adolescent life being taken away from a dangerous disease. It is really painful knowing that person will never get to live to see their full potential and experience life. Diseases cause many deaths every year, it is inevitable. Bacteria are contained in every disease and one way it is absorbed is by being inhaled by the people, which will infect the body as a whole. It is really simple in that bacteria will continue to live freely and happily while the host will have to suffer the effects of it. Some diseases are caused by viruses. A virus is basically a non-living infection that attacks the immune system and tries…show more content…
According to the article “Despite Concerns…”, “in 2011, 90% of American children got vaccinated”. 10% of children received some form of exemption. 10% of the nation’s children, ages zero to five, are 2,300,000. Across the country, there are two million children who could potentially get infected, making transmission a lot more likely. Children, if anything, should always get vaccinated to act as a safety net in case the child comes into contact with a disease. There are some mandatory vaccines for children that prevent foreign diseases. Whether good medicine is for the better of the people or not, there’s always going to be opposing viewpoints. One popular argument is debating whether vaccines should be mandatory or not in a religious view. Religious people say vaccines are “unnatural” and do not follow their families religious remedies. These arguments cannot be argued because of the fact that we have our rights given to American in the 1st amendment. Families can just request exemptions to not take the vaccine. The government has no choice, but to give the exemption to the families due to the 1st amendment. Another reason that people may not agree with vaccination is that nearly all medicines have some kind of negative side effect. An example is the allergy drug like Zantac, some possible side-effect of this drug is dry mouth or redness of the eyes. People soon came to notice a theory that vaccines can
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