Should Vaccinations Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

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Is it Right to Shoot? Vaccinations are promoted to be the best thing since sliced bread. People today know them as a cure to help eliminate childhood diseases and protect us from possible pandemics. So hypothetically what is the major issue with vaccines? Vaccinations contain ingredients used by funeral directors to preserve bodies (Scheibner p. 255). Children in the United States receive more vaccines and antibiotics than any other children around the globe (O’ Shea p. 54).Also, reports have shown that American children are becoming more and more sick. Finally, vaccinations are a multibillion dollar per year business, making 33.8 billion in 2012 alone (“’Vaccines Market Will Reach 33.8 Billion dollars in 2012’ Visiongain Report Predict.”). Anything involving that much money should be looked at and examined skeptically because is it about receiving a paycheck or the patient’s health? Government has threatened to block admission to schools if the vaccinations are not complete. As well as, Pediatricians are now refusing to see children not fully vaccinated due to vaccination tracking. Parents are responsible for guiding and protecting their children to adulthood and parents should have the right to choose what vaccinations their children should get, at which point in their life or if they should get any. One reason that I question the credibility of vaccinations is the large amount of money that comes with vaccinations. Do not underestimate the corruption of the human

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