Essay on Should Vaccines Be Mandatory?

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Health care is complex and ever changing. What makes perfect sense for one individual may bring deep-seated ethical issues for another individual. With the vast amount of possibilities expanding through research, ethical dilemmas develop and complicate the decisions we need to make for ourselves and loved ones. The varied choices regarding cancer vaccines, fraud and euthanasia will be explored.
Cancer Vaccines
The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer demonstrates a parade of polarizing ethical issues of today, but the topic of mandatory cervical cancer vaccines particularly caught my attention. I viewed the video not from the lens of a health care professional, but from the stance of a mother of a beautiful two year old little girl. As is the way of
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Because the vaccine is recommended for girls before sexual activity starts, I feel that would coincide with the time her Father and I have a responsibility to educate her on the reproductive system and STDs. Ultimately, after educating our daughter, the decision will be made based on what is right for our child, regardless of whether or not it is mandatory.
In the second part of Jim Lehrer’s three part series, a group of financial experts have a frank discussion about corruption on Wall Street. Fraud in business dealings is by no means new, but when it affects the people living paycheck to paycheck, it brings it to an entirely new level of wrong. I learned that business fraud dates back to the beginning of time and the rich swindling the rich is much more morally acceptable to the public than the rich stealing from the poor. According to Morrison and Furling (2014), Rawl’s theory states “inequalities may be justified, but only if they are to the advantage of the least well off” (p. 26). This teaching is clearly not being followed in modern day society. Furthermore, I found it interesting that in any economy, excess is detrimental to the financial health of consumers. As is the American way, none of this matters, until it hurts. In the realm of healthcare, the health care administrator (HCA) has a moral and ethical obligation to protect the safety and well being of the patient, but also the financial health
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