Should Vegetarians Be Vegetarian?

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Vegetarians are always seen as people who health conscious and animal rights activists. The fact that some people think vegetarians are healthier than non-vegetarians or vice versa is not true. Eating vegetables and food made of vegetables alone is not balanced diet neither is eating meat only. Vegetarians argue that they have better control of their weight because they abstain from eating foods that contain fats. Today, chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics have become an important part of animal feeding. Animals are not raised naturally and this is one of the main causes of weight gain among non-vegetarians. Eating animals is a natural part of the life cycle and it is neither cruel nor unethical. According to some studies, vegetarians outlive non-vegetarians because of their well-balanced meal and health consciousness. While some people argue that being vegetarian is a healthier and more humane choice, others believe that it is not necessarily better than a diet that includes meat.

Some of the major reasons why people choose to become vegetarians are because of religious, health, economic, ethical reasons and sometimes animal rights reasons. Some people consider killing animals as cruel because they grow in confined spaces that give them limited movements and the chemicals that are mixed in their food to increase their growth rate. Animals also experience stress, pain and fear just like humans. . Vegetarian diets are also known for a number of significant and

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