Should Vending Machines Contain Only Healthy Food Throughout All Schools

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Should vending machines contain only healthy food throughout all the schools in the U.S.?

Yuki Sakamoto GGU0580534 Golden Gate University

Should states ban junk food in schools? Richard J. Codey The rising rates of obesity are becoming a serious concern for the government, and many states are implementing new school nutrition policies, as well as raising awareness of it. This article speculates the phenomenon of an epidemic trend, faced by an American society in the modern day of obese level caused by low-in nutritious foods, and suggests how junk foods need to be controlled effectively, to provide with more of healthier choices of eating habits at schools, and to reduce the possible increase numbers in such rate among individuals. Although, vending machines in schools and colleges are alternatives for many young students obtaining snacks, bars, and sodas throughout the school day, according to an opinion stated within the article written by Richard J. Codey (2006). It suggests that vending machines in schools in particular, had to be banned, and regulated to avoid a risk of an individual’s obesity caused by such…
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