Should Video Games Be Addictive?

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Gaming has been a way for adolescents and adults to escape reality and pass the time. It not only provides them with a recreational hobby, but also allows them to connect and communicate with those alike. The field of gaming is constantly growing and allowing new opportunities for creative ideas. There is such a large variety to choose from, making it a truly diverse and engaging world. The question of whether video games can be addictive is left unanswered because many articles and studies provide evidence that supports both sides of the debate. The article, “Online Gaming Addiction? Motives Predict Addictive Play Behavior in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games” by Kuss et al, primarily covers Massively Multiplayer Online…show more content…
They hope to continue further research in an attempt to create prevention protocols and treatments. I find that the overall message of the article is that, in order to prevent and possibly treat the addictive behaviors and consequences associated with MMORPGs, researchers must begin to understand and research the motivations associated with playing MMORPGs. The article outlines many of the motivations that drive players to addictive behavior, such as competition, rank reputation, social interactions, relationships, customization, role-playing, and escapism. The article also contains many studies and research findings which reinforce that claim and make it more credible. What is interesting to me is that the studies show that participants who play MMORPGs are more likely to experience game-related problems and addictive behaviors than players who did not play MMORPGs. According to the article, the characteristics of MMORPGs (escapism and immersion) may be variables that influence these outcomes. Kuss et al stated, “Results indicated that... the gaming motivations escapism and mechanics significantly predicted excessive gaming and appeared as stronger predictors than time investment in game.” The material I read reinforced the idea that MMORPGs are more addictive because of the immersive nature. The article consistently keeps its focus on the addictive nature of MMORPGs and the correlation between
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