Should War Be Considered By An Adversary?

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War is an idea that has been with humans for centuries. It can be described as a “legitimate means of bringing an end to various forms of oppression.” In certain situations, I believe that every so often war can be required. Yet, we must remember that then sin entered the world, so did war. Hence war can be described as a sin. So that raises the question; is war a means humans should be using? I believe there are particular circumstances under which war can be necessary. I also believe there are different needs that need to be met if a group is being attacked by an adversary, or being the attacker.
If a group or country is being attacked, God wouldn’t want them to stand defenseless. In the Bible, when the Israelites were being attacked, God
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Many conditions should be met before the people should even consider war. War shouldn’t be the objective in a disagreement. In Julius Caesar, Cassius believes war is the only way he could accomplish his goal. He didn’t understand there were different possibilities. War is a last resort. War should only be used if other means of fixing a conflict had been tried. If a group or country is deliberately going against God’s holy commandments, or evidently hurting the innocent, then war can be considered. Going back to the quote in the first paragraph, it is a “legitimate means of bringing an end to various forms of oppression.” At the end, war might be the only way to make the opposing to stop their sin. Before a group even considers war, they need to ask if they are fighting for a just cause: a God-worthy cause. After they believe their cause is just, they need to confront the opposing side, plus give them time to change. In Deuteronomy 20:10, it says “When you go to attack a city, you must first offer peace to the people there.” If the opposing group does not change their ways, the people must confront them for a second time. If the opposing side still does not give up their ways, then the people must make an official pronouncement saying they are going to war. I believe this is the Godly way to assert war. Any other way should be comprehensively inspected to understand if God would commend
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