Should We Ban All Nuclear Weapons in the U.S.?

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I. Statement of the Dilemma/Controversy There are many different benefits and drawbacks to each side taken on the matter on what we should do about nuclear weapons in the world. We must measure these benefits and drawbacks to determine which decision is the best for future security of our country. One side of the argument is to permanently ban all nuclear weapons in this country. This option sounds like the best option and the right thing to do. However, because countries of the rest of the world still have nuclear weapons, we are at a security risk. If we didn't have any nuclear weapons to retaliate with, we couldn't defend ourselves from those powers that did still have the nuclear weapon. There are also other issues besides…show more content…
Russia itself is now receiving U.S. aid to disarm nuclear weapons in their state. There isn't any reason for the United States to not start disarming itself from the unnecessary stockpiles it holds to this date. The United States was the first country to develop the nuclear weapon, and the only country to use it in a war. The United State's job and responsibility is to now show the world that we no longer need to posess weapons of mass destruction. By the United States taking the inittaive in being the first country to abandon nuclear weapons, we would be sending a positive example to the rest of the world. Both countries that do and do not posess nuclear weapons would feel less intimidated and may also follow the path to a non-nuclear world (Shultz). Eliminating all nuclear weapons from the stockpile would actually benefit the United States in more ways than one. Weapons of mass destruction are not only a threat to only our country, but our people, our environment, our economy, the global economy, and the future of mankind. As of this date, the only nuclear weapon we used in a war was in Japan, during World War II. We made the bomb for a reason, and now there is no reason to keep it. We never used a nuclear weapon in any war afterwards. The problem with the bomb is that it is "indiscriminate and uncontrollable." These characteristics of the bomb make it useless in war. We experienced a military defeat during the Vietnam War, but we never used a single
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