Should We Ban Plastic Bags?

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Marany Sorn Gallos English 3 Honors 29 March, 2017 Should We Ban Plastic Bags? Plastic can be found in almost every product, for example: bags, cups, bottles, straws, pens etc. People use plastic bags every day. Everyone carelessly throws plastic bags away and do not realize the problem they are creating. Plastics bags are hurting the environment. It can be found clogging a drain system to being swallowed by marine animals. Plastic bags are light, they are easily carried by the wind to be passed around on the streets or anywhere in the world. People need to start focusing on the problem with plastic bags before the world gets swallowed by it. Start by recycling more and finding eco-friendly products to replace plastic bags. The world will…show more content…
It is not just the sea animals, but also land animals. The United Nations Environmental Program released a report in 2006 stating , “80% of ocean pollution is land- based. This means that no matter how far from the ocean that you live, an improperly disposed of plastic bag will eventually reach the ocean” (Duboise). The improperly disposed of plastic bag can reach the ocean through the rivers or by the winds. The “ urban tumbleweeds” is a common referred to name for plastic bags that cannot be easily disposed up. Plastic bags are non biodegradable, they breaks into smaller pieces and remains for more than 1,000 years. Cashier uses plastic bags more than paper bag because they are cheaper. Sometimes doubling the bags up. Reusing plastic bags for other purposes does not fully solves the problem. They still end up in landfills and remains there. Another problem with plastic bags is that they are light weighted, “Even disposed of properly, plastic bags are so lightweight and aerodynamic, they are easily picked up and carried by the wind” (Terry). People who negligently throws them randomly on the ground or in the trash, the wind will easily pick the bags up and carries them all around the place. The bags can end up in trees or bushes. Amount of them can end up clogging the storm drain system and that only causes more problems. Cleaning it up involve the municipalities having to pay millions and millions of dollars. Any remaining bags
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