Should We Be Mandatory For Children?

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Mandating Vaccines
From deciding what to do with the baby in your body, to electing to follow certain religious beliefs, people have many rights as American citizens. Several cases have been ruled over when it comes to human rights, such as the Roe vs Wade case, which covers a woman 's rights to an abortion, and the Cantwell vs Connecticut case that covers a person 's religious right to free exercise. Now the country is torn again in a human rights issue. Should it be mandatory for parents to give their children all of the vaccines that are available for children by the government? There are two sides to this argument, that both stage excellent positions. On one side, there are the people who believe that it is not only a violation of rights to make them vaccinate their child, but it is also interfering with the overall health and well being of the child by injecting them with potentially harmful chemicals. Other people, however, believe that the population as a whole would be safer from disease if everyone were required to be vaccinated. In their belief, the vaccinations are incredibly safe and effective, and could save the lives of thousands of children. Both parents, those who believe in vaccinations and those who do not, want what is going to be best for their child. Both want to be informed and have the knowledge to be able to raise the healthiest child that they can.
Positions in the Vaccine Debate
Against Vaccinations
On one side of this dispute, many people…
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