Should We Be Mining And Processing As Much Coal?

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Thermal Coal Energy synthesis
Imagine your daily life and how much technology is integrated into it, now, even if you don’t think that you use a lot of technology, remember that most of what we use today in our daily lives, need some sort of electricity to make it, or run it. We live in a world that is almost dependent upon electricity, modern life is unimaginable without electricity. Coal produces almost half of the electricity we use. There is much controversy about coal and why we rely on it so heavily. The question that emerges from this controversy is “should we be mining and processing as much coal as we do on a daily basis, and should we downscale, or find alternatives?”
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The water begins to boil, and under pressure, the water evaporates and becomes steam, this steam rises and goes through turbines which rotates a generator, and creates electricity. Part or the water is then condensed and put back into the pipes to repeat the process, although much water is lost in the process. During the burning process, the coal powder under goes a chemical reaction that releases its chemical properties into the air. Some of these elements that can be released are sulfur, nitrogen, carbon, arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, and some traces of uranium. After the coal has been burned, the emissions are then pumped through filters and scrubbers. Scrubbers use limestone to catch and filter out as much sulfur as possible. After the power has been made in the power plant and the coal has been used, it is then shipped to nearby distributers, where they will in turn sell it and provide nearby locations with electricity. (How Coal Works) The main controversy comes from the early process of refining the coal and making the energy, before selling it. But the counterarguments emerge from the benefactors of the electricity after it is produced.
Energy through thermal-coal production can be very harmful to the air and atmosphere around the world, and in turn, harming the ecosystem. Bernard Cohen, in his book entitled The Nuclear Energy Option explains that one coal powered power plant can “annually burn 3

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