Should We Be Mining And Processing As Much Coal?

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Thermal Coal Energy synthesis
Imagine your daily life and how much technology is integrated into it, now, even if you don’t think that you use a lot of technology, remember that most of what we use today in our daily lives, need some sort of electricity to make it, or run it. We live in a world that is almost dependent upon electricity, modern life is unimaginable without electricity. Coal produces almost half of the electricity we use. There is much controversy about coal and why we rely on it so heavily. The question that emerges from this controversy is “should we be mining and processing as much coal as we do on a daily basis, and should we downscale, or find alternatives?”
Before looking into the views of the question at hand, it is important to know how coal is made into electricity, in the article how coal works, much is explained about the process. First, when plants and animals die, they form a composite that, over thousands of years, will become pressurized, and turn into coal, there are different stages of coal, each containing different levels of toxins and elements that form inside of it. Carbon is formed from this composite and the carbon that becomes pressurized is what gives coal its power to insight and produce energy. Yet, the carbon is not the only element that is contained in coal. It contains many other chemicals and elements such as nitrogen and sulfur, this is what makes up the chemical structure of coal. Coal is found underground and needs to be…

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