Should We Be Taught Right From Wrong And Bad? Essay

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As children, we have just begun our lives and we are supposed to be taught right from wrong and good from bad to prepare us for the rest of our lives. As young adults, and even as grown adults, it is up to us to apply what we have learned from previous years to real life situations. Our initial teachers who are our care takers will eventually be replaced with a new one, experience. Whether we have good or bad experiences, we are bound to learn something from each of them, whether they are our own or someone else’s. As a child, I was taught by my mother that everything that we do has an outcome, whether you perform a positive or negative action. I’ve always chosen to go with positive actions regardless of who was performing negative ones, because that was the way that I was reared. My mother is in law enforcement and has been for about twenty years. Due to the fact that she is in that field, I guess that you could say that I was reared a bit differently than others. Most people say that police officer’s children turn out to be the worst because of how “strict” the parent is on the child, but not me. When I was around the age of four or five, my mother immediately began to have conversations with me about “Stranger Danger”, “Good Touch, Bad Touch”, and making good choices so that I won’t get myself into any trouble. These conversations have stuck with me ever since and has changed the way that I view things today. People rear their children in different ways and environments;
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