Should We Continue Do Produce And Consume Milk?

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Should we continue to Produce and Consume Milk? Milk is one of the most commonly consumed drinks in the world today, but it rarely occurs to people to think about where their milk is coming from and how it is produced. The production of milk can bring up several ethically concerning questions, as well as health concerns. In the milk industry, the mistreatment of animals is a prevalent concern. Once learning the facts of milk production, one may begin to reconsider the extensive role that milk plays in one’s diet. Many people also fail to consider the implications milk will have on our future. Milk has been shown, from a health standpoint, to cause health concerns if exposed to cow milk too early in life. Scientists have also even begun to find that the drinking of milk has caused a change in the human genome over time. The future of the milk market is another area to investigate. The demand for milk continues to grow, as does the market which can affect us in many different ways including, economic, health, environmental, and ethical. After researching, I have concluded that from an ethical standpoint the production of milk is not worth risking the problems it causes to the animals during production. It may be beneficial to reconsider the way milk is produced as opposed to stopping the production of milk. When researching the process of milk production, it becomes evident that there are ethical concerns regarding how the animals are treated during production. Recently,
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