Should We Eat A Healthy Meals?

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When it comes to discussing protein and it’s consumption it becomes a very big issue. Although they are some good sides and bad sides to this controversial topic everyone has different views about the amount to consume. I personally know I was consuming way more than the recommended allowance. By changing the amount of meat I eat is my targeted behavior and I will use it as a baseline to control my meat loving behavior. I chose to eat a healthy three meals a day including red wine. My goal is to eat a healthy balance meal three times day for the next six months.
My typical protein requirements are for: Weight loss = .65 grams per pound of body weight. Maintain muscle = .65 gram per pound of body weight. Build muscle = 1 gram per pound of body weight.
Changing this behavior is important and meaningful to me because if I am planning on helping young adults who are overweight and obese with their struggles I better be setting a better example. Most of the leading causes of death in the USA are preventable and for me taking a harder look at my health requires me to change my lifestyle and the way I consume meat. I know that death at times is related to how you choose to live, your lifestyle habits and behavioral factors which reflects such. It is never easy for some individuals to change the way they eat or how they chose to live while others have no problem adhering to a healthy lifestyle. So I am choosing to take this education with increase knowledge and awareness to foster
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