Should We Get Rid Of School Uniforms

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Around the world, various opinions about school uniforms are presented in different countries and areas. As a result, uniforms are compulsory in some schools while they are not in others. Therefore, both benefits and drawbacks of school uniform must be taken into consideration.
On the one hand, school uniforms create a school community, making everyone look alike whether if they come from different backgrounds, which reduce bullying over poor-looking students, competition over choices of fashion and peer pressure. School uniforms also represent each school, making them look unique and increase pride in their community.
On the other hand, mandatory uniform systems restricted students from expressing themselves. They reduced a students' sense of creativity, liberality and the ability to decide for themselves. Without uniforms, students can develop their individuality and also they are able to make their own clothes choices, which expresses their personality. For instance, a 2016 article, " Should we get rid of school uniform ?" stated that " students flourished when they are treated as free range individuals.."
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Some people might argue that wearing school uniform is cheaper since students do not need to buy brand-name clothes to compete with their peers, however, those brand- name clothes last much longer while in most schools, a new set of uniforms must be bought every year even though the old ones are still usable and the student' size has not changed significantly. Therefore, if we consider the cost and the number of years a regular, normal outfit last and the amount of money that is needed to buy a school uniform for that same number of year, school uniforms might be much more
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