Should We Legalize Prostitution Essay

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Should we legalize prostitution in the US?
The laws regarding prostitution, often called “the oldest profession in the world”, have been facing changes for many years. They are multiple attitudes regarding prostitution and opinions on the connotation this word should have but the idea people have of sex worker is usually negative. On a legal matter sex work has been discussed many time and laws regarding this act varies around the world. Some countries found this act immoral and think that it should not be accepted on some ethical and legal concepts while other countries accepts it not only on a legal manner but also as a way of making a living for those who decided for themselves that this is what they want to do. A lot of questions regarding the decision we should make about the legal aspect of this work are in relation to the impact it can have on the society and on the workers itself. Four different views approach this subject; the criminalization of the act, the abolition of the act, the decriminalization of the act or the legalization of it. (p.44 why is prostitution criminalized?) Criminalization is the one presently established in the US. It means that all parties involved in the act are open to criminal punishment. The abolitionist approach is not to punish the sex worker but punishing only third parties. Decriminalization means that the act is not longer subject to legal consequences and their work is consider an independent business. For the legalization the
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