Should We Live Forever?

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The question of whether or not I would like to live forever is a question that delivers many, many answers, meaning my answer to the question really depends on the day or my mood that day. Most days, my answer to the whether I would like to live for ever question is “no, I would not like to” Mainly because the whole idea of immortality sounds exhausting, boring and depressing, especially with such limitations, and downsides. This answer is provoked merely on the fact that I would become overly dependent on everything and everyone around me, and also due to the fact that although I have people around me constantly, however, I would still acquire a lonely feeling, due to the fact no one would be of my generation, therefore relating would be made difficult to attain.
Living forever seems like a phenomena that some people may want, and would enjoy, once they figure out a loop hole, such as being able to determine what age you would forever relive, for an example, choosing to live life as a 20 year old for the rest of ones life. Living as a 20 year old forever does appear to have its perks if you really think about it because example one, you are young forever and example 2, you are in your prime, but from a psychological standpoint, at one point in life a person would realize

Onye-ugo2 that maybe choosing to reincarnate, or live forever and ever as a 20 year old just may not be healthy to ones spirit, or especially their brain development. If you as a person are
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